Assessment of spatial and temporal submarine groundwater discharge in western coast of Arabian Gulf, Saudi Arabia

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Assessment of spatial and temporal submarine groundwater discharge in western coast of Arabian Gulf, Saudi Arabia


Water Resources Management

Because of the increasing population and the improvement in socio-economic conditions in Saudi Arabia, there has been a clear increase in water demand. Due to the limited water resources, new water resources should be explored. One of these resources is assessment the discharged groundwater into Arabian Gulf. A comprehensive study is proposed for assessment and evaluation of groundwater resources in the eastern region of Saudi Arabia. This is to facilitate the development of strategies for the available limited water resources. The various groundwater resources will be investigated. Hydrogeological investigations will be used to evaluate groundwater recharge, flow, storage and discharge. Groundwater modeling and geochemical modeling will be used to determine the spatial distribution of major, minor and trace elements to assess the influence of groundwater contamination and its seepage to the Arabian Gulf. A relational database will store all data and information acquired during the study in a structured and user-oriented manner. This project provides field and experimental training for M.Sc. students in hydrogeological and hydrochemical modeling to assess water-resources and their management plans. Channels for communication are established between the Prince Sultan Institute for Environmental, Water and Desert Research, and the Ministry of Water and Electricity coordinating the research requirements and priorities. Satellite images and Digital Elevation Models were analysed to detect the drainage pattern and the morphometric parameters of the studied area. The temporal variation recharge/discharge of Umm Er Rudhma aquifer is studied. Groundwater sampling for salinity and minor, trace and radioactive element analyses are carried out. Hydrochemical parameters are investigated, several salinity; minor, trace and radioactive element concentrations maps are constructed. Hydrological and hydrochemical modelling, water supply and demands will be discussed in the next year. According to the results which we have in the first and second phases, we think the progress of the project is going well.

(i) Quantify groundwater discharge volume into Arabian Gulf, and the mass of chemical input. (ii) Identify the groundwater chemical processes dominated along the pathway from sub-terrain to submarine areas. (iii) Identify the spatial and temporal patterns of groundwater availability in the study area. (iv) The proposal of a suitable application for the results and management of groundwater resources before and after it reaches the coast. (v) The development of strategies for the development of available water resources for domestic, municipal, industrial, agricultural and environmental use. (vi) Capacity building of some staff and students

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