Assessment of glutathione safety and efficacy as a promising skin depigmenting and lightening agent

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Assessment of glutathione safety and efficacy as a promising skin depigmenting and lightening agent

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Millions of people are affected with various forms of skin hyperpigmentation such as freckles, age spots and melasma. Regardless of its etiology, hyperpigmentation problem can be socially devastating and can even lead to depression. There are potentially significant side-effects associated with current therapeutic agents. Therefore, new effective and safe therapeutic modalities for skin hyperpigmentation are urgently needed. Glutathione (GSH), the most abundant cellular thiol and the most important endogenous antioxidant, has been shown to play an important role in producing skin lightening. GSH also has been shown to inhibit melanogenesis in cultured murine melanoma cells. However, whether GSH can function as skin depigmenting and lightening agent has not been investigated. Therefore, we started this work. First six months of this project, we established animal handling and cell culture facility for this proposal. This cell culture facility can be use for cutting-edge and competitive research in medical and health sciences in future. In second six months, after many attempts with mentioned energy densities in the proposal and with other energy densities, which were not mentioned in the proposal previously, we could develop hyper-pigmentation on the back of guinea pig and we gave three dose of GSH (higher, middle and lower dose) to treat hyper-pigmentaion of guinea pigs. During the experiments we took photos on weekly basis and end of experiments we sacrificed the animals and took treated and non-treated skin and lungs, liver and kidney for histopathological analysis. Histopathological studies proved that there was not any toxicity was observed in any histological section from treated and control. Number of melanin granules was counted on Fontana-Masson stained slides from treated and non-treated with glutathione animals group. We standardized the melananocytes culture from normal human foreskin. First we isolated melanocytes from normal human foreskin and then established melanocytes culture. These melanocytes will be used to study effects of GSH in in vitro. Third six months we observed in vitro effects of various doses of glutathione on normal cultured human melanocytes by MTT methods. Additionally we observed the safety and possible toxicity of various doses of glutathione by blood biochemistry, liver function test, kidney function test, blood urea and complete blood count of treated and non-treated guinea pigs as in vivo. In next year, we will study the effects of GSH on the back of guinea pigs by degree of depigmentation, electron microscopy and real-time PCR.

1- Evaluate the efficacy of GSH and S-acetylglutathione (S-GSH) as a skin depigmenting and lightening agents in vivo. 2- Assess the safety of GSH in vivo.

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