Standardization of regeneration and genetic transformation systems in Chickpea

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Standardization of regeneration and genetic transformation systems in Chickpea

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The chickpea (Cicer arietinum L.)is a leguminous plant widely distributed in the Middle East and known for its high protein content in seed. Chickpea production is limited worldwide due to biotic and abiotic stresses. The efforts to overcome all these production constraints through traditional breeding are difficult only because of limited genetic variation. Genetic engineering is the open option for the improvement of crop. Novel regeneration protocol is pre-requisite for he development of GMO offers the opportunity to overcome hybridization barriers and introduce desired genes for the development of resistance cultivar. Chickpea have been reported from most of the scientist/research group is re-calcitrant in nature and reported regeneration protocols are not reproducible in every research lab. A protocol will be developing for direct/indirect shoot organogenesis and plantlet in vitro for the development of transgenic plant. The quality and homogeneity of the plant will be maintained once technique of micropropagation has been optimized. Conservation of Cicer species will be proceeding by the development of synthetic seed. Comparative bio-physiochemical and genetic diversity analysis will be done from in-vitro raised and locally adapted genotypes. Application of genomics tools to the study of the chickpea genome will be enhanced through the use of genetic transformation. The outcomes of the herein proposed research would include developing efficient and reproducible chickpea regeneration and genetic transformation protocol, development of Synthetic seeds and comparative analysis (Physiological, Biochemical and Genetic diversity analysis). Developed regeneration protocol will be test for genetic transformation. Final outcome could be use for the development of abiotic stress tolerant transgenic plants.

The major objectives of the stated project are to: 1. Standardization of chickpea regeneration protocol. 2. Comparative bio-physiochemical analysis of in vitro raised and locally adapted chickpea genotype. 3. Development of synthetic seeds 4. Comparative phenotypic and genetic diversity analysis (RAPD and ISSR) 5. Standardization of Agrobacterium mediated genetic transformation system in chickpea

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