Women in Saudi Arabia Health Examination Survey (WISHES)

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Women in Saudi Arabia Health Examination Survey (WISHES)

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Importance Current challenges related to the health of women in Saudi Arabia require the evaluation and the identification of knowledge gaps. Educating the public and developing effective health policies are mandatory for improving women’s health.

1. To assess the cardiovascular risk probability (Framingham global risk score) in women aged 30-75 years and its relationship with psychological stress. 2. To determine the vitamin D level status for all women across all ages and its association with cardiovascular diseases, their risk factors and psychological stress. 3. To assess the present status of menopause among Saudi women, emphasizing the most common signs and symptoms, their severity, the correlates of severity and the assessment of quality of life after menopause. 4. To estimate the prevalence of violence against women and recognize the risk factors, forms, predisposing factors, consequences and characteristics of the perpetrators. 5. To study gender differences with respect to CVD risk assessment, vitamin D levels and psychological stress

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